Research: NETZ and LIDOR,

Listed in Issue 100


NETZ and LIDOR, School of Physical Education, The Zinmzn College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Wingate Institute, Israel,, have compared mood alterations in mindful versus aerobic exercise modes.


There is evidence that aerobic exercise improves depressive moods. However it seems necessary to compare such effects with mindful exercises such as yoga or Feldenkrais.


147 female teachers were assessed for anxiety, depression, and subjective wellbeing before and after a single class of either yoga, Feldenkrais, aerobic dance, or swimming. A computer class served as a control.


Mood improvement was found following Feldenkrais, swimming, and yoga but not following aerobics or computer lessons.


Mindful low-exertion activities such as yoga or Feldenkrais can enhance mood in a single session as well as aerobic activities. The authors suggest that more studies are needed on the benefits of these types of mindful exercise.


Netz Y, Lidor R. Mood alterations in mindful versus aerobic exercise modes. The Journal of Psychology 137 (5): 405-419, Sep 2003.

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