Research: MOLLART,

Listed in Issue 97


MOLLART, Antenatal Services, Maternity Services, Central Coast Health, PO Box 361, Gosford, NSW 2251, Australia,, has carried out a randomized controlled trial of two different reflexology techniques versus rest on ankle and foot oedema in late pregnancy.


The differential effects of two different foot reflexology techniques and a period of rest on oedema relief in pregnant women with foot oedema were explored.


In this single-blinded randomized controlled trial, 55 healthy pregnant women in the third trimester were randomly assigned to one of the following: a period of rest; 'relaxing' reflexology techniques; or 'lymphatic' reflexology technique; all for 15 minutes. Pre and post therapy ankle and foot circumference measurements and participant questionnaire were administered.


There was no statistically significant difference in the circumference measurements between the three groups, although the lymphatic reflexology group mean circumference measurements were all decreased. A significant improvement in women's perceived symptoms in all three groups was found. A 'perceived wellbeing' score showed the most improvement for the lymphatic techniques, closely followed by the relaxing techniques and then the control rest group.


Lymphatic reflexology, relaxing reflexology, and a period of rest had a non-significant oedema-relieving effect. From the women's viewpoint, lymphatic reflexology was the preferred therapy.


Mollart L. Single-blind trial addressing the differential effects of two reflexology techniques versus rest, on ankle and foot oedema in late pregnancy. Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery 9 (4): 203-208, Nov 2003.

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