Research: MILLER and WOOD,

Listed in Issue 99


MILLER and WOOD, Marg Miller Health Consulting, 16 Rudwick Street, Mosman Park, Western Australia 6012,, have reviewed (85 references) the effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions.


The aim of the work was to review the effectiveness of various smoking cessation methods and their appropriateness for use in Australian health care settings.


Cochrane and other reviews and meta-analyses of evidence were used as basis for the review. Systematic literature searches were also conducted in an effort to identify relevant controlled trials between 1999 and 2002. The main inclusion criteria were use of a controlled evaluation design and an outcome measure of continuous abstinence from smoking for at least five months.


While brief interventions can achieve a significant effect of smoking cessation at population level, at an individual level there is a strong dose-response relationship between the number and length of session of tobacco cessation counselling and its effectiveness. Effective behavioural interventions can increase cessation rates by 50-100% compared to no intervention. Some pharmacological therapies are safe and also help to increase smoking cessation rates.


Effective behavioural and pharmacological smoking cessation interventions are available.


Miller M, Wood L. Effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions: review of evidence and implications for best practice in Australian health care settings. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 27 (3): 300-309, 2003.

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