Research: McGRADY and colleagues, D

Listed in Issue 29


McGRADY and colleagues, Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo 43699-0008 USA studied the use of psychophysiological approaches in the treatment of fainting.



10 patients with histories of recurrent unexplained fainting or near fainting, headache and poor response to or tolerance for drugs were treated with electromyographic, thermal, biofeedback as well as progressive and autogenic relaxation.


6 of the 10 patients experienced a major decrease in symptoms at the end of treatment . Descriptive comparisons between the improved and unimproved group were made and the authors present a detailed case study of one improved patient. The biofeedback-assisted relaxation treatment appeared to be most effective in younger patients whose fainting was associated with a strong psychophysiological response and whose headaches were intermittent, rather than daily occurrences.


: Biofeedback and relaxation is effective in treating fainting and headache in certain patients.


McGrady AV et al. Outcome of biofeedback-assisted relaxation for neurocardiogenic syncope and headache: a clinical replication series. Appl Psychophysiol Biofeedback. 22(1): 63-72. Mar 1997.

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