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MASTRANGELO, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Siena, Policlinico Le Scotte, Siena, Italy, has discussed hormesis, epitaxy, the structure of water, and homeopathy.

Abstract: According to the western medical establishment, homeopathy is both "unscientific" and "implausible". A short overview of its history and the methods it uses, however, easily reveals that homeopathy is a true science, fully grounded on the scientific method and on principles, such as, among others, the Arndt-Schultz law, hormesis, and epitaxy, whose plausibility has been clearly and definitely demonstrated in a number of scientific publications and reports. Through a review of the scientific literature, an explanation of the basic principles of homeopathy is proposed based on arguments and evidence of mainstream science to demonstrate that, in spite of the claims of conventional medicine, homeopathy is both scientific and plausible and that there is no reasonable justification for its rejection by the western medical establishment. Hopefully, work will contribute to open academic institutions to homeopathy and thus enlarge the horizons of medical practice. This could be an opportunity to recover the value of the human relationship with the patient and offer patients a real alternative and the perspective of better quality of life.






Mastrangelo D. Hormesis, epitaxy, the structure of liquid water, and the science of homeopathy. Medical Science Monitor 13 (1): SR1-8, Jan 2007.

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