Research: MANCHANDA and colleagues,

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MANCHANDA and colleagues, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, evaluated the possible role of lifestyle modification incorporating yoga on retardation of coronary artery disease (CAD).


Yoga has potential for benefit for patients with CAD. However, objective angiographic studies are lacking.


In this prospective, controlled clinical trial, 42 men with angiographically proven CAD were randomized to control (n=21) or yoga (n=21) intervention and were followed for 1 year. The active group was treated with a user-friendly programme consisting of yoga, control of risk factors, diet control and moderate aerobic exercise. The control group was managed by conventional methods (risk factor control and American Heart Association step I diet).


At 1 year, the yoga group showed significant reduction in number of anginal episodes per week, improved exercise capacity and decrease in body weight. Serum total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels also showed greater reductions in comparison with the control group. Revascularization procedures (coronary angioplasty or bypass surgery) were less frequently required in the yoga group (one versus eight patients; RR, 5.45; p=0.01). Coronary angioplasty repeated at 1 year showed that significantly more lesions regressed (20% versus 2%) and less lesions progressed (5% versus 37%) in the yoga group (chi-square, 24.9; p<0.0001). Compliance to the total programme was excellent. No side effects were reported.


Yoga lifestyle intervention retards progression and increases regression of coronary atherosclerosis in patients with severe CAD. It also improves symptomatic status, functional class and risk factor profile.


Manchanda SC et al. Retardation of coronary atherosclerosis with yoga lifestyle intervention. The Journal of the Associations of Physicians of India 48: 687-94. Jul 2000.

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