Research: LO and others,

Listed in Issue 150


LO and others, Department of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Republic of China,, have written about self-care for patients with frozen shoulder.

Abstract: ‘Frozen shoulder’ syndrome (adhesive capsulitis or pericapsulitis) refers to any kind of shoulder pain or to limited active or passive shoulder joint motions. Treatment options include both Chinese and western medical therapies. However, the key to recovery lies in self-care. This article addresses both Chinese and western treatments for frozen shoulder and suggests optimal treatments and self-care approaches for this debilitating condition. Health professionals can help patients ease their pain and increase joint activity in order to prevent frozen shoulder from turning into chronic adhesive capsulitis.






Lo ML, Jen PC, Chang HC. Self-care for patients with frozen shoulder. Hu Li Tsa Chih – Journal of Nursing 54 (2): 73-78, Apr 2007.

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