Research: LADE and co-workers,

Listed in Issue 110


LADE and co-workers, Coventry City Primary Care Trust, Christchurch House, Greyfriars Lane, Coventry, CV1 2GQ, UK,, have evaluated a GP based homeopathy service.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of a GP-led homeopathy service on symptoms, activity, wellbeing, number of general practice consultations, and the use of conventional medications.


Data were collected for 97 consecutive patients referred to a homeopathy service. Self-rated symptom severity, activity limitation and wellbeing were scored on a seven-point scale at baseline and at follow-p after, on average, 134 days.


Primary symptoms improved by a mean of 2.49 points (p < 0.0001); secondary symptoms by 2.49 points (p < 0.0001); ability to undertake activities by 2.43 points (p < 0.0001); and wellbeing by 1.41 points (p < 0.0001). Following use of the homeopathy service the mean 6-month general practice consultation rate decreased by 1.18 consultations per patient (p = 0.004). 57% of patients reduced or stopped taking their conventional medication, saving £2,807.30 per year.


These findings warrant further research. Future studies should include economic analyses and control groups.


Slade K, Chohan BP, Barker PJ. Evaluation of a GP practice based homeopathy service. Homeopathy: the Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy 93(2): 67-70, Apr 2004.

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