Research: KVORNING and colleagues,

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KVORNING and colleagues, Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Hospital of Helsingborg, Sweden,, have found that acupuncture relieves pelvic and low back pain in late pregnancy.


The study aimed to evaluate the possible benefits and adverse effects of acupuncture for pelvic and low back pain in the third trimester of pregnancy.


72 pregnant women reporting pelvic or low back pain were randomized to an acupuncture group (n = 37) or a control group (n = 35). Traditional acupuncture points and local tender points were chosen according to individual pain patterns. These points were stimulated once or twice a week until delivery or complete recovery. The control group received no treatment. Pain was assessed by Pain VAS weekly.


During the study period, Pain VAS scores decreased in 60% of women in the acupuncture group, compared to 14% of women in the control group (p < 0.01). At the end of the study, 43% of the acupuncture patients were less impeded in daily activities compared to 9% of control patients (p < 0.01). No serious adverse effects were found, and no adverse effects at all on the infants.


Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for pelvic pain and low back pain in late pregnancy.


Kvorning N, Holmberg C, Grennert L, Aberg A, Akeson J. Acupuncture relieves pelvic and low-back pain in late pregnancy. Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavia 83 (3): 246-250, Mar 2004.

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