Research: KOWALSKI and co-workers,

Listed in Issue 107


KOWALSKI and co-workers, Katedra Rehabilitacji z Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznych I Rehabilitacji Kardiologicznej UN w Lodzi, Poland, have studied the plasma antioxidative activity in patients with lung tuberculosis.


It was hypothesized that tuberculosis generates oxidative stress, and that supplementation with dietary antioxidants might be beneficial.


Antioxidative activity in blood plasma was determined in 40 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. After 1 month of conventional drug therapy, vitamins C and E were added to the diet of 15 patients. 16 healthy subjects served as a control group.


A decreased antioxidative activity was found in tuberculosis patients compared to controls both before and after tuberculosis therapy. In patients supplemented with antioxidant vitamins, an increase was observed.


Tuberculosis patients may well benefit from antioxidant supplementation.


Kowalski J, Janiszewska-Drobinska B, Pawlicki L, Ceglinski T, Irzmanski R. Plasma antioxidative activity in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski 16 (92): 119-122, Feb 2004.

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