Research: KJENDAHL and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 34


KJENDAHL and colleagues, Sunnaas Sykehus, Nesoddtangen, Norway had previously reported in 1995 that acupuncture treatment for stroke patients in the subacute stage was therapeutic . The present study investigated whether acupuncture treatment continued to have benefit one year following discharge.



45 patients suffering from stroke were included in the study, a median 40 days following stroke. Patients were randomised into acupuncture and control groups, considering sex and actual lesion site. All patients received an individually adapted, multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme. The acupuncture patients received, additionally, classical acupuncture treatment for 6 weeks. Thereafter, patients were provided individual treatment at the rehabilitation centre and the primary health care service. 41 patients were available for further study one year after treatment ended, 21 from the acupuncture and 20 from the control groups.


Compared to the control group, there was a significantly greater improvement in the acupuncture group, during the 6-week treatment period and even more so during the following year . These assessments were based upon the Motor Assessment Scale, the Sunnaas Index of Daily Living (ADL), the Nottingham Health Profile and the patients social circumstances.



Kjendahl A et al. Acupuncture in stroke. Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen 118(9): 1362-6. Mar 30 1998.

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