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KASS-ANNESE, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA USA reviews (112 references) alternative approaches to hormone replacement therapy (hrt).


The author writes that if a woman does not wish to or cannot use hrt, she must consider other ways to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (cvd) and osteoporosis. She states that risk reduction of an array of health problems may be achieved through diet, exercise, and stress management.



The nutraceuticals of specific vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens and essential fatty acids form a vital component of the risk reduction health programme. Osteoporosis risk may be diminished by the use of ipriflavone and a comprehensive bone building vitamin and mineral regimen. B vitamin supplementation can control homocysteine levels, prevent cvd and other health problems, including menopausal-related symptoms, particularly when the B vitamins, magnesium, isoflavones and essential fatty acids are used. If lifestyle and nutraceutical interventions do not adequately address menopausal symptomatology, women can choose from numerous excellent multiherbal and homoeopathic therapies, be evaluated by an alternative practitioner and have a programme designed specifically for her health needs.


Despite the limited clinical research regarding herbal and homoeopathic alternative menopausal therapies, these remedies, when taken according to directions and following any contraindications, have the potential for being extremely effective and safe options to HRT.


Kass-Annese B. Alternative therapies for menopause. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology 43(1): 162-83. Mar 2000.

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