Research: KACPEREK, Independent Bri

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KACPEREK, Independent British Healthcare Fulwood Hall Hospital, Preston, Lancashire UK describes how her nursing practice was enhanced following the loss of her voice . Surprisingly, being unable to speak seemed to improve the nurse/patient relationship.




Patients responded positively to a quiet approach and silent communication. The skilled use of non-verbal communication via silence, facial expression, touch and closer physical proximity appeared to encourage active listening and helped to develop empathy, intuition and presence between nurse and patient. Being with patients and non-verbal communication was an effective form of communication.


: Effective communication depends upon the nurses ability to listen and use non-verbal communication skills. Also, reflection upon practical experience may be an important technique of uncovering and exploring tacit knowledge in nursing.


Kacperek L. Non-verbal communication: the importance of listening. Br J Nurs 6(5): 275-9. Mar 13-26 .

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