Research: JAIN,

Listed in Issue 94


JAIN, Kingfisher Medical Centre, South East London, UK,, has asked the question whether homeopathy reduces the cost of conventional drug prescriptions in general practice.


There is little evidence about the cost-effectiveness of homeopathy in general practice. This study compared the costs of homeopathic prescribing with conventional prescribing.


For a period of 4 years, data were collected on all patients who were treated homeopathically. Costs of homeopathic remedies were compared to costs of conventional drugs which would otherwise have been prescribed for the total duration of the study.


100 patients were included in the study. The average saving per patient was £60.40. The majority of patients improved, and most did not report any side-effects. The limitation of this study is that it is based on one GP's work and a small number of patients. Moreover calculated costs include only drugs and take no account of doctor's time and time taken off sick by patients.


Future work will have to include a larger study population and take more factors into account in comparing the cost of homeopathy with the cost of conventional medicine to the NHS.


Jain A. Does homeopathy reduce the cost of conventional drug prescribing? A study of comparative prescribing costs in general practice. Homeopathy 92 (2): 71-76, Apr 2003.

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