Research: ISERSON, Arizona Bioet

Listed in Issue 42


ISERSON, Arizona Bioethics Programs and Section of Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson 85718 USA writes that hypnosis can diminish pain and anxiety for many emergency patients during examinations and procedures. Although hypnosis has been used for millennia and was demonstrated to be of use in clinical medicine over a century ago, modern physicians have been reluctant to adopt hypnosis in clinical practice.






Iserson KV. Hypnosis for pediatric fracture reduction. J Emerg Med 17(1): 53-6. Jan-Feb 1999.


My partners eldest granddaughter recently fractured the bones in the wrists of both arms and had to undergo two general anaesthetics to set and pin the bones. Pity that hypnosis is not more generally available within the NHS!

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