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GRZYWACZ  and COLLEAGUES,  Department of Family and Community Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Medical Center Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27157, USA. analyzed whether differences in the use of conventional medical care by users and nonusers of specific CAM therapies varied by age and ethnicity.


To determine if differences in conventional care among users and nonusers of distinct CAM therapies varies by age and ethnicity.


The 2002 National Health Interview Survey data with a supplemental section on CAM use were analyzed.


The odds of reporting each level of conventional care were greater for CAM users than nonusers for each type of CAM. There is consistent evidence that associations between CAM and conventional care use differ by age but not ethnicity.


Individuals who use CAM are greater users of conventional care, although these associations hold primarily for young and middle-aged adults. Results suggest that, for most CAM users, these therapies are not being used in place of conventional health care.


Grzywacz JG,  Quandt SA,  Neiberg R,  Lang W,  Bell RA and  Arcury TA. Age-related differences in the conventional health care-complementary and alternative medicine link. American Journal of Health Behavior. 32(6):650-63. Nov-Dec 2008.

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