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FRYBACK and REINERT, Indiana University, USA write that people coping with AIDS and cancer have a sense of being out of control in dealing with their illness . Much of this feeling stems from the uncertainty regarding the accepted medical treatment for their disease.



The authors conducted a research study to evaluate attitudes towards dealing with AIDS and cancer.


Respondents in the naturalistic research study were adamant in their belief that alternative therapies assisted to regain control over their care and therefore, enhanced their health . It is critically important that clinical nurse specialists who often act as consultants to other nurses, understand and support the therapeutic choices of their patients . Additionally, in light of the evidence supporting the benefit of stress reduction upon length of survival, advanced practice nurses can play a major role in helping patients to reduce stress and enhance quality of life and hopefully longevity.



Fryback PB and Reinert BR. Alternative therapies and control for health in cancer and AIDS. Clin Nurse Spec 11(2): 64-9. Mar 1997.

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