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Listed in Issue 33


FISHEL, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA writes about the many aspects of everyday life which are anxiety-provoking, including visits to hospitals, emergency departments, and outpatient clinics.


Anxiety exists on a continuum from normal, which alerts us and demands our attention, to severely dysfunctional, as happens with anxiety disorders.



Nursing interventions may be helpful. The aetiology of anxiety disorders is multidimensional, including genetic vulnerability, neurophysiological dysregulations, stressful present and past life events. Due to the complex nature of anxiety, treatment usually is a combination of medication, education, including self-management techniques, sensory interventions, psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural interventions. The nurses role in assessment, intervention, and referral is critical.



Fishel AH Nursing management of anxiety and panic. Nurs Clin North Am 33(1): 135-51. Mar 1998.

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