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FIECHTNER and BRODEUR, Division of Rheumatology, Michigan State University, Colleges of Osteopathic and Human Medicine, East Lansing USA reviews (67 references) manipulation, as practised mainly by chiropractors and osteopaths, as one of the most commonly used alternative treatments for rheumatic diseases. Low back and neck pain are the most frequently treated disorders; however, manipulation is also used to treat a broad range of rheumatic diseases. Manipulation has been demonstrated to decrease joint pain and normalize function. Its mechanisms of action, however are not well understood, with current theories proposing an imbalance of muscle activity a source of pain which can be relieved by manipulation via reflexive actions. Such muscle imbalances would exacerbate rheumatic and arthritic conditions, suggesting that manipulation may be an important therapy which is appropriate for early conservative care as part of a comprehensive treatment regimen.






Fiechtner JJ and Brodeur RR. Manual and manipulation techniques for rheumatic disease. Rheumatic Diseases Clinics of North America 26(1): 83-96. Feb 2000.

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