Research: FAYOL and others,

Listed in Issue 117


FAYOL and others, Departement de Neonatologie, Assistance Publique, Hopitaux de Marseille-Hopital de La Timone, 264, rue Saint-Pierre, FR-13005 Marseille, France, have investigated the antioxidant status of infants exposed to smoke in the womb.


The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of maternal tobacco smoke exposure on the antioxidant systems of both infant and mother.


39 mothers who were active smokers, 14 mothers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, 17 controls, and their newborns were included in this prospective controlled study. Plasma total antioxidant capacity was measured in blood taken from the umbilical cord and in maternal blood.


A similar, significant increase in coeruloplasmin was observed in the infants of actively and passively smoking mothers. Uric acid was elevated in the blood of both mothers and children in the passive smokers group, with a trend to elevation in the actively smoking group. Vitamins A, C and E were unaffected by the smoking status of mothers.


These results show that active and passive smoking of pregnant women causes significant changes in the antioxidant status of their infants as well as their own.


Fayol L, Gulian JM, Dalmasso C, Calaf R, Simeoni U, Millet V. Antioxidant status of neonates exposed in utero to tobacco smoke. Biology of the Neonate 87 (2): 121-126, 2005.

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