Research: DELLENBACH and colleagues

Listed in Issue 68


DELLENBACH and colleagues, Centre de la douleur pelvienne chronique, service de gynecologie, syndicat inter-hospitalier de la Communaute urbaine de Strasbourg, centre medico-chirurgical et obstetrical, 19, rue Louis-Pasteur BP120, 67303 Schiltigheim, France, described their new approach to the treatment of chronic pelvic pain in women.


In up to 40% of cases of chronic pelvic pain, no physical aetiology can be found. Psychological interventions are often used as last-ditch efforts and generally not well accepted by patients. The authors proposed that the pain is in many cases not visceral but parietal and can be approached like classic fibromyalgia.


Clinical report of a multidisciplinary, simultaneously physical and psychological approach to the treatment of women with chronic pelvic pain.


70% of women with chronic pelvic pain will be cured using the approach. A slow revelation of the physical, moral or sexual trauma in the history of these patients is observed with the treatment described.


Treatment efficacy is greatly enhanced by considering the physical dimension of body pain as well as the psychological dimensions.


Dellenbach P et al. Chronic pelvic pain. Another diagnostic and therapeutic approach. Gynecologie, obstetrique et fertilite 29 (3): 234-43. Mar 2001.

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