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Listed in Issue 82


CURTIS, Marie Curie Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, reported on an audit of a pilot hypnotherapy service – provided for patients, carers and staff – at a specialist palliative care unit in Newcastle-on-Tyne.


Existing data suggest that hypnotherapy may be useful for patients, their carers and healthcare professionals in palliative care settings. All parties may benefit from stress reduction, and patients may also be able to find ways to cope better with their illness and the prospect of dying.


The investigator assessed the demand for the hypnotherapy service, practical issues presented by providing the service, and benefits as perceived by the clients and the hypnotherapist. Qualitative and quantitative data, covering a period of 5 months and involving 11 clients (4 patients and 7 staff members), were obtained using questionnaires and other evaluation methods.


All the clients appeared to benefit from the service in terms of improved coping and relaxation. 82% of the clients reported that hypnotherapy had helped to improve the particular problem for which they had sought the service and 91% reported a general overall benefit from the therapy.


This audit of a pilot hypnotherapy service indicated that hypnotherapy in the palliative care setting can benefit both patients and healthcare providers.


Curtis C. Hypnotherapy in a specialist palliative care unit: evaluation of a pilot service. International Journal of Palliative Nursing 7 (12): 604-9. Dec 2001.

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