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COCILOVO, Acupuncture Clinic of Prescott, AZ 86305 USA. writes that light therapy has a long history dating from ancient Egypt to the contemporary treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) .




and Discussion: In the first half of the 20th century, Dr Dinshah Ghadiali, MD, Ph.D., refined a sophisticated system of colour therapy . His strong background in mathematics and physics influenced his practice and he determined specific attributes of the colours of the spectrum, i.e. their specific effects upon human physiology. More recent research has confirmed many of these concepts and has led to the evolution of new systems for the application of light therapy, including irradiation of acupuncture points . According to the author, his system fits well with Traditional Oriental Medicine theory, which relates colours to the internal organs and meridian system . Particularly, recent Russian research has shown that light is conducted within the body along the acupuncture meridians . This prompted the author to ask the question whether acupuncture meridians function as a light (photon) transferral system within the body, like optical fibres? The author provides case studies supporting the clinical benefits of light therapy. The emerging contemporary colour therapy systems of Mandel (Colorpuncture ) and McWilliams (Chromo-pressure ) are discussed, and a newly patented device is introduced.



Cocilova A. Colored light therapy: overview of its history, theory, recent developments and clinical applications combined with acupuncture. American Journal of Acupuncture 27(1-2): 71-83. 1999.


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