Research: BUSS and colleagues, Maas

Listed in Issue 29


BUSS and colleagues, Maastricht University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Science, The Netherlands write that the prevention of pressure sores is a major concern of rehabilitation nurses.


Over the years, a number of methods have been used to prevent pressure sores. One of the most commonly used methods is massage of bony prominences and pressure areas . However, according to the majority of contemporary clinical guidelines, massage is to be avoided . The authors review (30 references) through a search of the literature, the extent to which such guidelines are based upon research findings regarding the effectiveness of massage in preventing pressure sores.



The results of the studies analysed led the authors to the conclusion that massage as therapy for preventing pressure sores in patients at risk is not recommended.



Buss IC et al. The effectiveness of massage in preventing pressure sores: a literature review. Rehabil Nurs 22(5): 229-34. Sep-Oct 1997.

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