Research: BRADLEY and OBERG,

Listed in Issue 133


BRADLEY and OBERG, Bastyr University, Kenmore, Washington, USA, have analyzed Naturopathic Medicine and diabetes. 


Accurate descriptions of Naturopathic Medicine as a whole system of medical practice are rare in the literature and non-existent for type 2 diabetes. The aim of this study was to investigate patterns of patient status, details of treatment recommendations, and levels of evidence for Naturopathic Medicine in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


Using retrospective analysis, data was extracted from medical records at an academic Naturopathic outpatient clinic.


Most Naturopathic medical care for type 2 diabetes is adjunctive Glycaemic control and other vital statistics in patients receiving Naturopathic care are comparable to published national averages. Naturopathic physicians prescribe comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle change recommendations supported by a high level of evidence - 100% received dietary counselling, 69% were taught stress reduction techniques, and 94% were prescribed exercise. Patients additionally received prescriptions for botanical and nutritional supplementation, often in combination with conventional medication.


Naturopathic medicine as a whole medical system supplies evidence-based lifestyle recommendations for diabetics. Increased research effort to determine the safety and efficacy of combinations of supplements or medications and supplements is warranted, as is the education of health care providers, patients, and health policy makers regarding the value of the naturopathic approach.


Bradley R, Oberg EB. Naturopathic medicine and type 2 diabetes: a retrospective analysis from an academic clinic.  Alternative Medicine Review 11 (1): 30-39, Mar 2006.


I wholeheartedly endorse the authors’ calls for further research to determine and document clinical efficacy of Naturopathic treatment for type 2 Diabetes.

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