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BERDEN and colleagues, BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia studied whether electromagnetic field emission from living beings could modify physical characteristics of water.



The authors followed three types of experiments: 1) Whether and in which way water exposed to growing and dying spruce seedlings through a quartz test tube, and hence with no chemical contact, influences germination of seeds and growth of seedlings of the same species 2) Whether and in which way distilled water equally exposed to growing and dying spruce seedlings and various stages of mealworm beetle can be modified, with this modification later reproduced via a specially developed technique of electrophotography 3) Whether an emission from human hands can modify, non-chemically, the physical characteristics of distilled water.


Statistical analyses demonstrated two different groups of people: 1) those capable of imprinting some form of highly reproducible radiation into water, and 2) others at most capable of imprinting only some type of highly variable radiation.


: This line of research could provide a scientifically based testing of actual capabilities of so-called biotherapists performing unconventional healing. These experiments also demonstrate further indirect evidence for a form of electromagnetic emission from living beings and that such emission alters water in an as yet unknown way .


Berden M et al. A possible physical basis for the healing touch (biotherapy) evaluated by high voltage electrophotography. Acupunct Electrother Res 22(2): 127-46. 1997.


The quest to find and prove the existence of electromagnetic emissions from living beings is one of the central tenets (holy grail) of healing and energy-based medicine. The ability of highly dilute substances to imprint or somehow alter water is of course at the centre of the controversy regarding the efficacy of homoeopathy. These questions will not go away soon.

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