Research: BERA, GORE and OAK

Listed in Issue 58


BERA, GORE and OAK, Scientific Research Department, Kaivalyadhama SMYM Samiti, Lonavla described recovery from stress in two different postures and in a yogic relaxation posture.




The recovery from induced physiological stress in Shavasana (a yogic relaxation posture) and two other postures (resting in chair and resting supine posture) was compared, Twenty one males and 6 females (21-30yrs) were allowed to take a rest in one of the above postures immediately after completing a scheduled treadmill running. The recovery was assessed in terms of heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP). HR and BP were measured before and every two minutes after the treadmill running until they returned to the initial level. The results revealed that the effects of stress was reversed in significantly shorter time in Shavasan, compared to the resting posture in chair and in a supine posture.



Bera TK et al. Recovery from stress in two different postures and in Shavasana- a yogic relaxation posture. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 42(4): 473-8. Oct 1998.

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