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BELTON and WEATHERLEY-JONES, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, Sheffield S1 4DA, UK,, have audited the homeopathy service in an NHS menopause clinic.


Sheffield's National Health Service community menopause clinic has run a homeopathy service since 1998. The service provides an alternative treatment option for those women who cannot take hormone replacement therapy, do not want it, have found it ineffective, or have been advised to stop it.


Patients receive homeopathic treatment (monthly consultations plus individualized homeopathic medicines) for up to six sessions. An audit was undertaken of all patients referred to this service between 2001 and 2003, in which patients completed the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile.


Patients reported significant benefit from the service. The greatest response was seen in those reporting headaches, vasomotor symptoms, emotional or psychological symptoms and tiredness and fatigue as their primary symptoms.


This kind of service fulfils a useful role in the NHS.


Relton C, Weatherley-Jones E. Homeopathy service in a National Health Service community menopause clinic: audit of clinical outcomes. Journal of the British Menopause Society 11 (2): 72-73, Jun 2005.

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