Research: ATTENA and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 64


ATTENA and colleagues, Istituto di Igiene e Medicina Preventiva, Facolta di Medicina, Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli, Italy evaluated homeopathy by investigating its impact in primary health care, i.e. its impact on outpatients to a homeopathy centre.


In recent years, numerous clinical trials have evaluated homeopathy. The authors aimed to evaluate the therapy using a different approach – i.e. investigating its impact in primary health care.


609 patients received a telephone call 1 year after their first visit to a homeopathic clinic (between June 1995 and May 1997); they were asked to rate their present general health compared with a year ago.


73.5% of the patients reported a moderate or marked improvement in their health status . Marked improvement was significantly higher in: subjects who stated they were satisfied with the care they received; females; subjects aged 0-15 years; and those who completed therapy.


For conditions that are not life threatening, homeopathy seems to meet patients' needs in primary health care .


Attena F et al. Homoeopathy in primary care: self-reported change in health status. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 8 (1): 21-5. Mar 2000.

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