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ANDRITZKY, Institut Fur Medizinische Psychologie Der Heinrich Heine Universitat Dusseldorf, Germany investigated the spectrum of therapeutic techniques and methods used in clinics with psychotherapeutic or psychiatric activities, as well as the spectrum of therapists' qualifications.



Questionnaires were sent to 545 clinics and 314 responded.


From the responding clinics, 127 different methods were named, with an average of 4 each. The larger the clinics, the worse the ratio of physicians and psychologists to patients became. In the clinics with less than 50 beds, there was 1 psychologist caring for 7 patients; with 51-300 beds, the number was one psychologist for 48 patients. the 6 most frequently used methods cited were: music therapy (36.9%); imagery (25.2%); dance therapy (23.2%); autogenic training (22.6%); body therapies (21.7%); and psychodrama (18.2%). In addition to physicians and psychologists, there were 38 other professional groups named. Considering the methods used by particular professional groups, an apparent trend towards a professional diversification was noted, eg only 62% of music therapy was performed by music therapists, the remainder by other professional groups. Analysis of special remarks aresulted in 4 groups: discussions regarding the term alternative methods; recommendations to use unconventional methods following the clinical phase; conceptual changes of a clinic; and broader theoretical backgrounds integrating various methods, eg the psychoanalytic concept.



Andritzky W. Alternative treatment in psychiatric and psychotherapy facilities in Germany. Gesundheitswesen. 58(1): 21-30. Jan 1996.

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