Research: ALFORD, University of East Anglia,

Listed in Issue 149


ALFORD, University of East Anglia, Queens Building, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK,, has reviewed (65 references) findings from psychoneuroimmunology of interest for manual therapies.

Abstract: The bio-psycho-social paradigm is now the main model when dealing with most human health disorders. One of the strengths of this model is that it encourages broader thinking when assessing and managing patients. It also encourages broader reading into areas not traditionally associated with manual therapy. Immunology and neuroscience are amongst the fastest growing medical sciences. These fields come together in the relatively new area of psychoneuroimmunolgy. This article examines some findings from these fields that are not widely discussed in the physical therapy professions. The findings are of relevance to many of the disciplines within the physical therapies. It is the author’s aim to stimulate further interest in the relevant, yet often underexplored areas of immunology and psychoneuroimmunology.






Alford L. Findings of interest from immunology and psychoneuroimmunology. Manual Therapy 12 (2): 176-180, May 2007.

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