Research: AHMAD and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 33


AHMAD and colleagues, Department of Ilmul-Advia, A.K. Tibbiya College, Aligarh Muslim University, India write that drugs of mineral origin, especially gems, are widely used in Unani Medicine, both as single drugs and compound formulations. However, such drugs have not yet been adequately scientifically studied.



: The authors studied Jawahir Mohra (JM), an anti-stress Unani preparation, containing a few herbal and animal ingredients. A modified JM preparation was studied for its anti-stress activity against physical, chemical and metabolic stimuli. The non-gem complement (NGC) of JM was assessed, in rats, for its action against physical stress. The albino rats were stressed by swimming and subsequently tested for motor function by Rota rod (muscle coordination), activity wheel (forced motor activity) and photoactometer (spontaneous motor activity).


Following JM treatment for 7 days, there was a striking and significant increase in activity. The NGC also significantly increased activity, but less than with JM. JM also produced a marked increase in cold swimming endurance and latency of post-anoxia convulsions, and a significant decrease in pentylentetrazol (PTZ)-induced defecation and urination in an open field arena under stimulation by intense light and sound.


These results indicate that the gem-containing Unani compounds JM demonstrates significant anti-stress activity of a non-specific type against diverse stressors, possibly due to adaptogenic activity. This study also demonstrated that the gems in JM contribute significantly to its anti-stress activity.


Ahmad G et al. The anti-stress activity of a gem-containing Unani formulation against diverse stressors. J Ethnopharmacol 59(3): 187-93. Jan 1998.

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