Issue 80 September 2002


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Vibromuscular Harmonisation

    Mark G. Lester

  2. Case Study Issue 80: Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM) for Psoriasis and Back Pain

    Ingrid Saag

  3. Therapeutic Properties of BioBran MGN-3

    Andrew Paterson

  4. Introduction to Aqua Tai-Chi

    Peter Chin Kean Choy

  5. Menopause - A Chinese Approach

    Vicki McKenna

  6. Trauma Energetics: Working with the Breath

    William Redpath

  7. How to Create a Healthy Living Space

    Anat Cohen BMed

  8. Mystical Gardens of Bellenau

    Vivienne Silver-Leigh

  9. Light and Colour for Optimum Health

    Kathleen Ginn

  10. Editorial Issue 80

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  11. Letters to the Editor Issue 80


  12. The Human Spirit Level

    Joel Carbonnel

  13. Mistletoe Therapy

    Mary Martin

  14. A Real Pain in the Neck

    Judith Price

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. alternative medicine

  2. cancer

  1. herbal medicine

  2. nutrition

  1. psychoneuroimmunology

  2. stress

  1. women's health

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