Issue 48 January 2000


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  1. Yoga for Mothers and Babies

    Jan Williamson

  2. Hydrotherapy for a comfortable bath

    Stewart Mitchell

  3. Breath is Life

    Linda Gamlin

  4. How Sleep Surfaces Affect Our Backs

    Bill Ancell

  5. The Importance of Minerals to Health

    David E Marsh

  6. Healing On a Multidimensional Level

    David Malin

  7. Tarot for Healing

    Stephen Houssome

  8. The Emotional Freedom Technique

    Paul and Val Lynch

  9. Neem: An Ancient Cure for a Modern World

    Julia Cornborough

  10. Colour Integrated with Aromatherapy

    Gwyneth Pick

  11. Editorial Issue 48

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  12. Breath Taking

    Joel Carbonnel

  13. Phobias and Fears

    Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

  14. Another Case of Depression

    Dr Angela Jones

  15. Case Study - Severe Stress

    June Butlin

  16. Does Naturopathy have a place in Integrated Medicine?

    Dr Brian Isbell

  17. Bed and Mattress Advice

    Wendy Emberson

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  1. alternative medicine

  1. cancer

  1. nutrition

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