Issue 21 August 1997


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Olive Leaf Extract

    Amanda Jackson-Russell, Ph.D.

  2. Aromatherapeutic Management of the Menopause

    Dr Vivian Lunny

  3. How to use Natural Progesterone

    Dr John Lee, M.D.

  4. Body Control: The Pilates Way

    Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson

  5. Never Move From Where You Already Are

    Andrew Cohen

  6. Interview with Indian Yoga Teacher Sukumar Shetty

    Marjolein Wolf

  7. EEA / Kirlian photography and Colourpuncture

    Angelika Hochadel

  8. The Anatomy and Physiology of Sex, a Eulogy and other matters

    Allan Rudolf

  9. Pesticides and Breast Cancer

    Lisa Saffron

  10. Dreams & Dreamwork

    Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

  11. A Case of Apis mellifica

    Dr Angela Jones

  12. Controlling Diabetes

    June Butlin

  13. Editorial Issue 21

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  14. Buddhist Healing

    Steven Lane

  15. Embracing the Yin, containing the feminine

    Firouzeh Tajadod

  16. Complementary Therapies within an NHS Clinic

    Adrian Seager

  17. Radionics, The Aura and the Development of Pimat: The Energy Regenerator

    Zena Maddison

  18. 'Natural' Progesterone - why this is not the answer

    Marilyn Glenville, PhD

  19. Interview with Leslie Kenton

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  20. Letters to the Editor Issue 21


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  1. alternative medicine

  2. anxiety

  1. asthma

  2. cancer

  1. psychoneuroimmunology

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