Issue 187 October 2011


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Letters to the Editor Issue 187


  2. Editorial Issue 187

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  3. Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 187

    Cherry Coad Aldridge

  4. The Stuff We Are Made Of

    Joan Angarano

  5. The Emerging Psychic – Exploring ‘Causes’ of Paranormal Experiences

    Ann Fillmore PhD

  6. The Jigsaw Health Puzzle

    Dave Markowitz

  7. Reflexology and Shoulder Issues

    Lynne Booth

  8. DNA, Gene Expression and Safety of Homeopathic and New Homeopathic Remedies

    Dr Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid

  9. Build Up Your Defences For Winter

    Penny Crowther

  10. Surviving Candida - A Patient's Perspective

    Rebecca Richardson

  11. Ginkgo Biloba - The Longevity Herb

    Klaus Ferlow

  12. "Hooking Up" to Healing - Good Vibrations

    Harry Dalford and Julie Kingston

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. antioxidants

  2. anxiety

  3. back pain

  4. cancer

  1. colon health

  2. depression

  3. essential fatty acids

  4. exercise

  1. ibs

  2. massage

  3. nutrition

  4. reflexology

  1. women's health

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