Issue 145 March 2008


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Articles in this issue:

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  1. Editorial Issue 145

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  2. Mapping a Path to Enlightenment

    Dawn Mellowship

  3. Fuelled by Passion

    Beata Bishop

  4. Frequently Frazzled - The Highly Sensitive Person

    Handan T Satiroglu

  5. Are There Herbs for Low Self Esteem?

    Anne McIntyre

  6. The Need of Our Time

    Dr Donn Brennan

  7. Gout

    Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

  8. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet - The Antidote to Pain

    Jesse Cannone

  9. Healthy Skin: Nature is the Best Doctor

    Klaus Ferlow

  10. Case Study 145: Psychosomatic Eye Disorders

    Liz Middleton

  11. Muscle Tone Story

    Joel Carbonnel

  12. Back Pain: Causes and Treatments Reviewed

    Steven Hefferon

  13. Letters to the Editor Issue 145


Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. alternative medicine

  3. asthma

  1. cancer

  2. fibromyalgia

  3. herbal medicine

  1. homeopathy

  2. hypnosis

  3. massage

  1. parkinson's disease

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