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David Lauterstein LMT MTI Cert. ZB
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David Lauterstein Zero Balancing Graduates

Pictured above are the wonderful students in the "Geometry of Healing," 
advanced Zero Balancing class that was the culminating class
in our school's 100-hour Zero Balancing Intensive Program.
What a ecstatic journey that has been!


2024 Update

The next class I'm teaching at The Lauterstein-Conway School is January 14th, "Deep Massage for the Neck." This will go deeply into the anatomy, energetics, and techniques embodying DM and ZB principles. Help make the neck a source of joy, not of pain!

I am also teaching in Costa Rica this June an exciting Zero Balancing Intensive, ZB I and II, in which you'll learn the entire Core ZB Protocol for the whole person. Check out the details for June 9-19 at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy.

The new book The Memory Palace of Bones by myself and Jeff Rockwell is doing so well that already the publisher has done a second printing and has received requests for translation rights! Memory Palace of Bones has been reviewed by Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains as "the most poetic journey through our innerness since Deane Juhan surprised us all with the soaring and elegant "Job’s Body." Like Deane, David Lauterstein and Jeff Rockwell are very experienced bodywork therapists and teachers. Also like Deane, they are artists with a deep appreciation of history, exploring the skeleton’s subtle nuances and obscured meanings."

Order direct from the publisher, Singing Dragon/Handspring  US or UK or through and  and feel free to visit my "shop" for books and CD

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