Terms and Conditions for adverts placed within the Positive Health online website

Terms and Conditions of Business

1. No terms and conditions are recognised other than those of the Publisher (Compass Internet Ltd).

2. It is clearly understood that cancellation of your order may carry an administrative charge, production charges and any commission payments made. Refunds are at the discretion of Compass Internet Ltd.

3. a. All advertising materials shall be supplied by the Advertiser to the Publisher in accordance with the relevant copy deadline dates set out in our media pack;
    b. All details on any proof copy sent to the Advertiser must be checked, approved, signed and returned by the Advertiser, to the Publisher as per instructions provided with the proof;
    c. If any proof copy sent to the Advertiser is not returned in accordance with clause 3(b) above then the publisher will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions to the Advertiser’s advertisement;
    d. An Advertiser requesting changes to an advertisement they have already approved may incur an additional charge;
    e. The Publisher will use all reasonable efforts to replicate any colour, image, text or layout chosen by the Advertiser for their advertisement, however, no guarantee or warranties are given and the Publisher shall not be responsible for the losses or liabilities in this regard;
    f. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to accept copy material, the wording or appearance of which they may consider inappropriate, unlawful, unreasonable or offensive;
    g. All advertisements designed, typeset or produced by Compass Internet Ltd are the typographical copyright of Compass Internet Ltd, and such advertisements may not be used in any other publication or any other media, electronic, digital or otherwise without Compass Internet Ltd’s prior permission (a charge may be levied in some cases).

4. Although the Publishers will use all reasonable efforts to publish no warranty is given as to the date of publication nor will the Publishers be liable for any losses or liabilities whether direct, consequential or otherwise arising therefrom.

5. Any special position specified in this order cannot be guaranteed though the Publishers will endeavour to insert the advertisement in such special position.

6. a. Payment is to be made to Compass Internet Ltd, 16 Belmont House, 2b Pegwell Road, Ramsgate CT11 0GD, UK and must be made by the agreed date shown on the invoice or by BACS Sort Code 16-14-25 Account 10086383;
    b. VAT at the rate in force at the time must be added to all prices;
    c. No set off, contra or other deduction may be made by the advertiser;
    d. No receipt shall be valid except the Publisher’s official receipt as referred to in subclause 6(a);
    e. If payments are not made on or before the due dates the Publisher shall charge interest on all overdue amounts at the rate of 4.5% over base lending rate at RBS in force from time to time plus any other charges as specified in law.

7. a. The Publisher shall not be liable for any errors or omissions to any advertisements nor will the Publisher be liable for any losses or liabilities whether direct, consequential or otherwise arising therefrom;
    b. The Advertiser will indemnify the Publisher against all claims in respect of any false claims or illegal statements; any alleged infringement of copyright, trade mark, service mark or design in respect of any alleged passing off or slander/libel in respect of any advertisement.

8. This contract shall be governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.


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Cookie Central is dedicated to answering questions about cookies.

There's a great article concerning cookies on Marshall Brain's "How Stuff Works". It goes even deep into the cookie stuff

The World Wide Web Consortium has an excellent FAQ to answer the majority of Internet and Web-related questions. You can read their topic: "Do 'Cookies' Pose any Security Risks?"

In addition, there are an abundance of resources on the Internet that can help you find answers to your cookie questions. Conveniently, Yahoo has a great listing of them.

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