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Feature Lists

Issue 283 – January 2023

Heart Of The Matter – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

How to Make Anxiety Your Best Ally – Christopher Paul Jones NLP CBT EMDR via Angela Butler

The Ups and Downs of Grief, Joy and Happiness Part III: Learning to Love Being Happy – Gina Pickersgill – Expert Column

Homeopathy – Helping Children Deal with Life Changes – June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol  – Expert Column

Overseas Recruitment Continues to Deliver Life Support to UK HealthcareAnne Morris of DavidsonMorris via Gill Laing

Menopause Nutrition for IBS and your Gut  – Penny Crowther DN Med BANT CNHC – Expert Regular Columnist

The Gut Feeling – Significance of Good Gut Health – Jonjo Hancock-Fell, Westfield Health via Ahsan Zafeer

Nature’s Healer: 5 Ways That Going Vegan Could Help with Managing Menopause Symptoms – Free Soul via John Hannen

Touch the Forgotten Sense  – Emma Gilmore APNT iMFT BCMA Reg – Expert Columnist

Trends in Virtual Exercise: The Fitness Industry After Coronavirus – Zoe Williams via Haylin Hendrix

What is Menopause Doing to my Spine?  – Caroline Freedman via Oliver Kyte

Retrospective Study Comparing Surgery for Scoliosis against the Non-Surgical ASMI Treatment - Damien Mearns Good Back

Why You Should Add Yoga into your Everyday Routine – Victoria Cranmer via Ash Patel




Issue 284 – February 2023

 Dream Sonata: It More than Meets the Mind –  Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD 

COVID / Long Covid; CFS ME SEID (systemic exertion intolerance disease) –  Nancy Blake  BA CQSW  – Expert Regular Column

Allergies, Environmental, Water Quality – Roddy MacDonald – Expert Regular Column

A Look At The Most Interesting Personal Injury Cases Of All Times – Christopher Jose

Regenerative Endodontics: Sprouting Life! – Mike Khorev

Traumatic Brain Injury Overcame by Ironman Robson Lindberg – via Abundance & Health via Susie Perry, Dip ION Food Scientist and Nutritional Therapist

Awareness of the Symptoms of Leukaemia is Low in the South East – Janet Simmonds and Donna Richardson + Spot Leukaemia Press Release

Holistic Approaches to Gut Problems and Parasites – Emma Lane ND Dip NT CMTA C.H.E.K IV HLC3 PEA RSA – Expert Regular Column

Mushroom Combination Preclinical Study Reduce Pathological Changes Associated with Parkinson’s Disease – via William Ahern 

How To Avoid Emotional Eating – Katlyn Eriksen

Bodywork Matters – Carole Preen FCHP FANM HonMIFA – Expert Regular Column

Approaches to Stress and Addiction with Yoga, Breathwork – Stephen Bitsoli

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol – Who's It For and How Does It Work – Dr Brent Wells DC

Letter OMNS Fuelling the Immune System for the 21st Century  – Michael Passwater







Issue 285 – March 2023

The Neuron Saga: Medicine's Fresh New Hope – Dr Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Our Prime Enemy is Fear – Patrick Quanten MD

Maybe God Does Play Dice?  – Michael Levy – Expert Regular Column

Mind/Body Talk – Frances Coombes Advanced Dip CBT/REBT Dip CBT

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health – Amy Sloane

Novel Approaches to Improve One's Mental Health – Dana Brown

Creating Positive Mental Health Within the Workplace – Dennis Lodge

Tips for Determining When it’s Time to Move Closer to a Loved One – Hazel Bridges

Recognizing Financial Decline in Older Relatives – Andrea Needham

How to Bridge Healing Practitioners of all Modalities with Individuals – Kelli Steckler via Ashley Marcos

The Nutrition Maze – Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed  – Expert Regular Column

Importance of Organic Farming, Sustainable Practices, Biodiversity, Soil Health, and Health, Nutrition and Overall Wellness – via Kunal Tambe - Two Brothers Organic Farms

Common Topics regarding BMI Calculators –Adriana 

CranialSacral Approaches – Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath – Expert Regular Column

Why We Should Change the Way We Breathe – Stefanie Broes

Exploring The Link Between Exercise and Mental Health – Charlie Fletcher

Yoga as Good Exercise for Burning Calories (and Other Benefits) – MJ Fernandez

Mind-body Medicine and Mindfulness – Camilla Moore DC ART SFMA 




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