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Feature Lists

Issue 296 – August 2024

Consilience – The Web of Life – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Reflection from the Soul…Only A Visitor – Michael Levy – Expert Regular Columnist  -

Prana and Wellbeing – Debbie Sellwood

Conflict Resolution – Dr Patrick Quanten MD

The Gut-Immune Connection – How a Healthy Microbiome Bolsters Your Immune System – Roddy MacDonald  – Expert Regular Columnist

Another Side to Medical Treatment – Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed  – Expert Regular Columnist

Understanding Gluten Enteropathies –  Peter H Kay PhD

Are Humans Really Dying More Quickly Than Expected? – Robert Verkerk BSc MSc DIC PhD FACN

Liquid Light – Cerebrospinal Fluid and CranioSacral Therapy – Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath – Expert Regular Columnist

Why Women Footballers are Being Let Down by their Boots – Christophe Champs via Sophie Inglis

Tips and Resources to Help those with Chronic Pain Maintain a Fulfilling Lifestyle – Rhonda Underhill

How Does Mouth Breathing Affect Oral Health? –  Dr Nimesh Patel









Issue 297 – Sept 2024

The Soul's Code: The Key to Living a Full Life – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Pain and Illness are Not the Enemy – Dave Markowitz – Expert Column

Best Knee Osteoarthritis Exercises for Movement and Motivation – Frances Coombes Advanced Dip CBT/REBT Dip CBT  – Expert Column

Extremism – Patrick Quanten MD

We Hunter-Gatherers Are In A Bad Way Nowadays – Edwin Salter MA MSc PhD ALAM Speech Diploma

Holistic Approaches to Gut Problems and Parasites – Emma Lane  ND DIP NT Master NLP Practitioner AFAA International Personal Trainer and Fitness Counsellor ITEC – Expert Column

How Effective is Neem as Treatment Against Parasites - Klaus Ferlow HMH HA

Health and Wellness: Recovery, Exercise and Diet – Julian Lankstead

Herbal Care for your Hair–Klaus Ferlow HMH HA

Trauma Within the Body Sports and Remedial Massage – Emma Gilmore APNT iMFT BCMA Reg– Expert Column

Scoliosis and its Descriptions – Caroline Freedman via Oliver Kyte

How the Right Pillow Can Relieve Neck and Back Pain: Tips for Better Sleep and Health – Grace O'Neil via  Lindsey Johnson

What can we learn from Tennis and Sports to Achieve Performance at Work – John McLachlan










Issue 298 – Nov 2024

Nanomedicine Making Treatment Safe and Precise – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Play, Learn, Grow: Why Playgrounds are Vital to Childhood Development – via John Hannen

A Balanced Way ; Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living: The Benefits of Light and Dark – Vicki McKenna BA Lic Ac – Expert Regular Columnist

Ayurveda, the A-list Secret to Health, Healing and Harmony – Amrita Ma Devi via Sophie Morrow

Your Brain On Summer Vacation – Dr Henry Mahncke via Adam Romero  

Nutrition, Evolution and Environmental Medicine – David Marsh Dip. Agric – Expert Regular Columnist

Goal of Research – to Help People Live Better –  Dr Edita Kriukienė

Vision and Eyesight – Aaron Barriga

Bodywork Matters – Carole Preen FCHP FANM HonMIFA – Expert Regular Columnist

How We Can Empower Ourselves to Strengthen our Bodies and Minds – Dr Binita Kalaria, Dr Sammy Margo and  Chris Ruxton via Hannah Carter


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