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Feature Lists

Issue 290 – Nov 2023

The Dark Night(s) of the Soul – Dave Markowitz – Expert Regular Columnist

Mirrored Healing – All About Biofeedback – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Developing Healthy Resilience in Young People – Vickie McKenna BA Lic Ac –Expert Regular Column

Science is the New Church – God Forbid - Alexander Barrie MRSS CSTA Dip MS Astrol.

The Fairy Tale of a Virus Called Coconut – Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Research Suggests  Long COVID Smell Loss is Linked with Changes in the Brain – Dr Henry Mahncke via Adam Romero

Advancements in Rectal Cancer Treatment: Enhancing and Improving Lives – Dr Sandeep Nayak

The Shrinking Brain and the Global Mental Health Crisis – David Marsh Dip. Agric – Expert Regular Columnist

A Woman's Guide To The Ketogenic Diet - Dott.ssa Mariachiara Ruggiero

Personalized Nutrition Changing Lives – Zadvyde Vebraite Klinio

Stagnant! – Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath – Expert Regular Columnist

The Ultimate Guide to Cancer-Safe Spa Treatments – Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa via John Hannen

Hyaluronic Acid for Knee Pain – Dr Brent Wells ND








Issue 291 – January 2024

Biology Of Balance – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Spiritual NLP Life Coach – Gina Pickersgill Spiritual NLP Life Coach – Expert  Regular Column

Homeopathic Matters – June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol Homeopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master/Teacher  – Expert  Regular Column

Light It Up: How Your Lighting Could Affect Your Mental Health – Robert Aiken Wandsworth Electrical via John Hannen –

Science in Industrial Times – Patrick Quinten MD

Food for Thought – Penny Crowther DN Med BANT CNHC  – Expert Regular Column

Personalized Nutrition Getting Easily Accessible and Simplified for Everyone – Zadvyde Vebraite Kilo Health

7 Side Effects when you Stop Taking Creatine – Panos Bampalis PhD

Trauma Within the Body – Emma Gilmore APNT Dip BCST  – Expert Regular Column

How to Sit with Sciatica – A Comprehensive Guide – Cristian Lungu

The Plantar Grade Foot vs. Mortons Foot, Rothbarts Foot – Dr Brian Rothbart









Issue 292 – February 2024

Medicine’s Fresh New Hope – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Dodging Dementia – Mary Jordan via Sophie Clark

WOKE – Alexander Barrie MRSS CSTA Dip MS Astrol.

CFS ME SEID Long Covid – Nancy Blake BA CQSW – Expert Regular Columnist

Allergies, Environmental, Water Quality – Roddy MacDonald  – Expert Columnist

PFAS [poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances]– The Unfolding Chemical Disaster – Robert Verkerk PhD

Probiotics and the Immune System – Mark Brudnak PhD 

Benefits of Acupuncture Treating Patients Suffering the After Effects of Cancer Treatment – Dr Beverley de Valois via Katie Osborne

The Nutrition Maze  – Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed  – Expert Regular Columnist

The Toxic Nutrient Triad – A little: good. Just a little more: bad – Thomas E  Levy MD JD

Thought for Food – Humans and the Environment – Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Bodywork Matters – Carole Preen FAAPA FANM HonMIFA – Expert Regular Columnist

How to Sleep with Neck Pain – Dr Brent Wells ND

How Running can Improve your Mental Health – via Compeed via Georgia Hogan

How to Start Improving Your Posture Today – Jackie Waters



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