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Zoe Salmon Corrie was one of four children who grew up in Bangor. One year into her law degree at Queen’s University Belfast, she was crowned Miss Northern Ireland and suddenly her life took on a whole new dimension. It began by taking a year out from her studies. These days, the job is all about doing charity work. The diversity of the engagements was stunning. Zoe is still involved in some of those causes, especially Action Cancer, Northern Ireland’s leading charity. Winning the title opened doors for Zoe; modelling was one of them. The day Zoe became a fully qualified lawyer, she noticed an advertisement in a newspaper for a presenter for that iconic children’s programmes, Blue Peter. With a lifelong love of singing, dancing and performing, she couldn’t resist. Following four intensely rigorous interviews, she got the gig, and so began yet another departure in her seemingly charmed life. She was offered the opportunity, to present her own game show, called Hot Rods, for the BBC. From that flowed other television opportunities, such as Dancing on Ice. Having been coached by Torvill and Dean, she says she was the only girl ever, to score a 6, the highest mark possible, in one particular routine. Her most recent exploit, was the Island Challenge, with Bear Grylls, when she and some other contestants had to survive on an island in Central America. When it came to falling in love, Zoe chose a local lad -  William Corrie from Northern Ireland. Read her biography at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C3%B6e_Salmon You can follow her on Twitter @Zoe_Salmon and watch Zoe’s story here- https://youtu.be/1e0h2S_s5kM

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  1. Freedom from IBS Hell - from Living with IBS to Becoming Symptom Free

    Listed in ibs

    Former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon-Corrie has it all, or so it seems. Recently married Zoe radiates natural beauty; is gracious, bright and successful. Her animated enthusiasm i...

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