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Yvonne Campkin DIP Phys Ed SYTA Dip Shiatsu Therapy Bach Foundation is a fully trained teacher of Physical Education and has had experience of teaching all ages in various day schools. She has taught for seventeen years in James Watt College of Further and Higher Education in Greenock as a lecturer in the department for Special Needs, during which time she developed several modules. Yvonne has taught yoga in the community and to students of Special Needs for twenty years. She became a lecturer teaching Shiatsu in the Holistic Department of the College for five years and practised Shiatsu for eight years in the local area. Please contact Yvonne to obtain her book called Progressive Yoga on Tel: 01369 703814;  YvonneCampkin@hotmail.co.uk

Articles by Yvonne Campkin

  1. Progressive Yoga: Practice Tailored to the Individual.

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    The point of yoga, according to the author, is to work with ones own body, with the awareness that you are an individual with different needs from the next person....and that everyo...

Book reviews by Yvonne Campkin

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