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Wilma Kirsten BSc(Hons) Dip CNE MBANT INLPTA Certified  Master NLP Practitioner is a degree qualified Nutritional Therapist who trained at the Centre of Nutrition & Lifestyle Management (CNELM) in Wokingham. As a busy mother of two she is aware of the body’s need for adequate nutrition obtained from a variety of nutritious food.  She is also a qualified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and uses these powerful techniques to support clients.  Wilma is a full member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy) and consults in London and Oxford and may be contacted via info@wilmakirsten.com For more information visit  www.wilmakirsten.com  www.goodbye-pms.com    Twitter@Goodbye_PMS

Articles by Wilma Kirsten

  1. What Constitutes A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?

    Listed in vegetarianism

    Traditionally eating was, and still remains, a means to survival. Everything we ingest has an effect upon our health. What we eat determines the quality of our blood, which in turn ...

  2. The Heart Of Nutrition

    Listed in nutrition

    As human beings developed from being hunter-gatherers to raising domestic animals and crops, nutritional values were affected, and modern agricultural production methods take this t...

  3. My Love Affair with Joe (Cup of, that is)

    Listed in nutrition

    I grew up in a country where instant coffee was all the rage. We were logistically so far removed from Europe that the whole latte, cappuccino, decaf movement sailed straight past u...

  4. Bloating

    Listed in colon health

    This article is a comprehensive consideration of bloating, its effects, its causes, and a useful and non-doctrinaire set of recommendations about diagnosis and potentially helpful ...

  5. Breakfast

    Listed in nutrition

    This article starts off describing the standard breakfast of cereal and milk, most often, these days, packaged, highly processed cereals, often sugar coated. This high-carb, high su...

  6. Give Fat a Chance

    Listed in nutrition

    The author describes the fear of fats created by fitness

  7. What is Your Food Personality?

    Listed in nutrition

    Nutritionist Expert Regular Wilma Kirsten poses a quiz to determine which of three types of personality we are. The Media Personality; The Rebel Personality; The Proactive Personali...

  8. Sugar: Instant Energy or Sweet Poison?

    Listed in nutrition

    Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of. Yet, it is very early on in life that most women become aware that a moment on the lips can result in a li...

  9. IBS - A Case Study

    Listed in colon health

    Sylvia originally came to see me seeking help with a diagnosis of high cholesterol. With a family history of cardiovascular disease on her paternal side and cancer on both sides of ...

  10. Stress: Symptoms, Causes, Approaches for Stress Reduction

    Listed in stress

    Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

  11. The Vitamin D Shield

    Listed in nutrition

    Every summer we hear how people are soaking up free vitamin D from sun exposure. How did we make the sun connection? Vitamin D deficiency is characterized by rickets in children and...

  12. Raising a Vegan Adolescent

    Listed in vegetarianism

    When children hit the teenage phase in their lives, parents and carers often report a host of changes. These could include a change in personal hygiene, temperament and most distres...

  13. Our Obsession with Dairy

    Listed in nutrition

    In the Western world it is nigh on impossible to avoid dairy. It appears to be the basic ingredient in most beverages and food products from the obvious breakfast lattes to lunchtim...

  14. Calories, the Good and the Bad

    Listed in nutrition

    When it comes to dieting most people focus on calorie restriction. The understanding is that to successfully lose unwanted weight, one must ensure that more calories are burnt than ...

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