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Wendy Lawson holds degrees and diplomas from Cambridge, London and Dartington. She is an experienced teacher, writer and presenter, having worked in university education, the media and more recently humour research. For the last five years she has worked exclusively as an independent humour researcher, specialising in the study of grassroots humour. During this time she has developed HICS, a unique tool designed to enable practitioners to map and deconstruct the 'language' of grassroots humour. She is particularly committed to raising awareness of humour within integrated healthcare where she believes it can play a vital role. She can be contacted at: awlawson@madasafish.com

Articles by Wendy Lawson

  1. Taking Humour Therapy Seriously

    Listed in mind matters

    Wendy Lawson introduces humour therapy as a significant aspect of integrated healthcare, as part of the three-way relationship between patient, carer and health professional.

Book reviews by Wendy Lawson

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