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Vishal Kohli (BAMS, PGPP, PGDKP) holds a Bachelors degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from the Bharti Vidyapeeth University in Pune, India as well as a Post-graduate degree in Ayurvedic Panchakarma from the prestigious Pune University in India.

Vishal has a long-standing passion for Ayurveda. He is currently the Ayurvedic consultant at Ayurveda Retreat. Before this he worked as the Head of Ayurveda at the W S Kohli Memorial Hospital in Pune, India. He was also the Ayurvedic Consultant at the Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness Centre at the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa in the Maldives where he had a number of high-profile international clients.

He has successfully helped numerous clients to achieve significant and lasting improvement to their health. Examples of client conditions include joint disorders- arthritis, musculo-skeletal disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress and other psychosomatic disorders, obesity and gastro-intestinal disorders and skin disorders such psoriasis and eczema.

An experienced instructor/trainer in Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments, he regularly contribute to articles on Ayurveda for leading UK magazines and websites, and has also held workshops and seminars at various industry events in the UK. In his spare time, he likes to practise Yoga, which he also teaches. Vishal Kohli may be contacted on Tel: 0118 9588 190;   vishal@ayurveda-retreat.co.uk      www.ayurveda-retreat.co.uk 

Articles by Vishal Kohli

  1. From Shiroabhyangam to the Indian Head Massage

    Listed in ayurveda

    The author explains the meaning of shiroabhyangam - Shir in Sanscrit means head, and Abhyangam means oil application.

  2. The Ayurvedic Cellulite Busting Therapy - Udvartana

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    The word Udvartana is largely used for the most famous body treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight. However if we refer to the classics of Ayurveda we have different types of Udvartan...

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