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Victoria Cranmer is the Founder of health and wellbeing travel firm Mindful Escapes which was born out of a desire to feel more connected to what’s important – whether that’s family, friends, career or just to yourself. Finding a way to what’s important amid the clamour of daily life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we feel it rather than see it, so how do we find the right path? Victoria explains that Mindful Escapes retreats take you on that journey of self-discovery. They help you to write your own narrative that is both beautiful, and also helps you to develop into the person that you feel you want be. Victoria may be contacted via Tel: 0208 679 2508; Mob: 07956 216654; enquires@mindfulescapes.uk   https://mindfulescapes.uk/ 

Articles by Victoria Cranmer

  1. Why You Should Add Yoga into your Everyday Routine

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    We now live in a world where self-care, health and wellbeing are being prioritized, and actually, are actively encouraged – which is something that we haven’t seen until recent year...

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