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Timothy Elfring is a student at the Rainbow Tai Chi School in the UK, learning about ancient Taoist principles from Teacher Master Choy. These golden nuggets of wisdom at the end of the Rainbow are highly applicable in day-to-day life. Tim is excited to share with others the wisdom he learned while studying at the Rainbow Tai Chi School. One of the biggest impacts for him was that he was able to connect to his heart again, which allowed him to feel and release his emotions and learned how to go from negativity to positivity. Timothy may be contacted on Tel: +31615400775;  timothy.elfring@gmail.com     www.taichiwarriors.nl

Articles by Timothy Elfring

  1. Breakup, Breakdown, Breakthrough, Breakdance

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Break ups…. Almost everyone have had to deal with one or more in their lives. I have had quite a good and peaceful childhood, excelled at school without really having had to do anyt...

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