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Tammy Racicot is a 45 year old mother of two and lives in Northern Ontario, Canada. A volunteer and member of St. John Ambulance for almost 25 years. Former Emergency First Responder, Certified Advanced Medical First Responder, Former Unit Chief of Adult Patient Care in her branch, Certified First Aid Instructor and recipient from The Priory of Canada of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, who granted a “Priory Vote of Thanks”, “In Recognition of valuable assistance rendered in fulfilling the objectives of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.”

"Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum". “For the Faith, In the Service of Humanity.” She is also a certified Professional Animal Groomer, former Hostess of Craizydragon’s Den internet radio show. Artist, Mother and a concerned citizen. She may be contacted via craizydragon@hotmail.com   http://new.livestream.com/globalskywatch/events/2457152

Articles by Tammy Racicot

  1. Morgellon: The 'M' Word You've Never Heard of and Lesions that Persist

    Listed in environmental

    Morgellon. Never heard of it! Until I was forced to find my own cause, prevention and possible control of the terrible lesions and more that were affecting my body since 2007. They ...

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