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Sterre Overvest, originally from Utrecht, Holland is currently studying to become a Rainbow Tai Chi teacher. The Rainbow Tai Chi school is based in the UK so she decided to move to England five months ago, April 2018. She is a singer and plays the guitar, and also played football for fifteen years, Sterre has also studied Social Work. Sterre has suffered from numerous diagnoses including depression, addiction, eating disorder, personality disorder. She has, since puberty, searching via medical and physical help to find a solution, for help, for healing. Although she wished to change, she did not know how, no matter how hard she tried, and kept falling back. She truly wanted to be ‘happy’ and live my life without clinics and medication. In April 2017 her life changed; she found Rainbow Tai Chi and with the guidance of a real Taoist Master she is learning to heal herself. She stopped all my medication and therapies, gone back to mother nature and the chi, the life force and feels that she can honestly share with you: she feels happier than ever before! Sterre may be contacted via sterre_overvest@hotmail.com and at the Rainbow Tai Chi School http://www.rainbow-taichi.org.uk

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  1. A New Star(t) - Journey to Mental Health with the Help of Rainbow Tai Chi

    Listed in depression

    My name is Sterre Overvest, 27 years old and I am born and raised in Utrecht, Holland. Currently I am studying to become a Rainbow Tai Chi teacher. The Rainbow Tai Chi School is bas...

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