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Stephen Braybrook BSc MSc also know as The Movement Man is a highly qualified and experienced health, fitness and sports professional with a passion for the study of human movement, optimization of sporting performance and rehabilitation.  His area of special interest is human biomechanics and is currently writing a book and devising courses based on a modern look at biomechanics. Please see www.themovementman.com for more information.  Stephen may be contacted via Tel: 07890 263149; braybrookstephen@gmail.com

Articles by Stephen Braybrook

  1. Transverse Abdominis (TVA) and its Function in Lower Back Stability

    Listed in back pain

    Lower Back Pain (LBP) is a generic term, and is the main cause of work-related absence and disability in industrialized societies. These disorders have been linked to trunk instabil...

  2. The Changing Face of Biomechanics

    Listed in bodywork

    This article will attempt to ask two questions: firstly is Biomechanics correct when describing all human movement? And secondly, what are the problems that have arisen if not?

  3. Running Coaching and Injury Prevention

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Running is a widely participated in activity and is accessible for any age group and level of fitness. Because of its accessibility it is practiced by a wide spectrum of people, fro...

  4. Neck Pain and the Primary Control

    Listed in back pain

    More than 50% of adults have had neck pain during the past year, with around two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. The incidence of neck pain i...

  5. Rhythm in Movement and its Potential Role in Rehabilitation

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    In everyday life, what is it that you witness each time you observe people move? You may see the external actions of running, jumping, hopping, waving and nodding. What you do not s...

  6. The Role of Balance in Movement and Learning

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    The way we perceive our place in the world is through our belief system and our interaction between our physical body, thoughts and feelings with the environment around us. At every...

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